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Our Story

Danish firm Recirk has developed an innovative business model that remanufactures major appliances to offer high-performing electronic equipment at half the cost, all while driving the economy for resource-efficient practices.

Our Vision

Recirk's process extends the life of products while also preventing waste. Other businesses can save resources, carbon and energy, while consumers can save money.

The Future

We are looking to improve value chain collaboration to strengthen its market position and generate more circular economy and remanufacturing benefits.


Simple, Very Simple

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How it works

The process

Recirk places end-of-life products through an inspection process that focuses on high-quality branded items that can offer the greatest returns from remanufacturing.

The Solution

We take products at the end of their first life and apply unique remanufacturing processes to create second-hand products


Recirk's remanufacturing business model not only extends product life, it also extends brand life, too. The original brand - represented by a high quality remanufactured machine - keeps serving us, the customers, for longer. We are no longer enticed to throwaway and buy more. This reflects well on brand reputation in the new era of responsible business.

UNSD Goals

The remanufacturing company also recognises its impacts help support of the greater movement towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals - from poverty reduction, to climate action, to inclusive growth: remanufacturing makes a valid contribution.


Recirk will show how remanufacturing can become a practical reality, delivering a broad range of significant benefits for people, planet, and businesses - as well as the economy.

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